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A closer look at brain health. 


We are a precision diagnostics company focused on developing the next generation of diagnostic tools to protect the brain.

About Us

Next generation diagnostic testing to measure vascular brain health

The maintenance of excellent brain health is the greatest public health challenge of the 21 st century. At Sage Cerebrovascular Diagnostics, we seek to advance early detection of vascular brain injury to reduce the risk of stroke, dementia, and cognitive impairment.

1 in 20

deaths caused by strokes

50 M

people diagnosed with dementia


of people live with cognitive impairment

Cerebrovascular Health

Evaluating Brain Function

There are over 400 miles of blood vessels in the human brain that constantly regulate brain function and health. The role of the brain’s extensive vascular tree in regulating neurologic diseases like stroke and dementia is increasingly recognized. In the US alone, chronic cerebrovascular disease affects up to 11 million people and increases the risk of stroke and dementia contributing to $300 billion in annual healthcare costs.


Early Diagnosis

Chronic cerebrovascular disease is undiagnosed and undermanaged due to a lack of widely available diagnostic tools. Because cerebrovascular disease often occurs silently, slowly building to a stroke or dementia, recognizing it before it starts is essential. At Sage Cerebrovascular Diagnostics, we are focused on early detection of cerebrovascular disease before it strikes using just a simple blood test.


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