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Next generation diagnostic testing to measure vascular brain health

To revolutionize the diagnosis and management of chronic cerebrovascular disease, Sage Cerebrovascular Diagnostics is developing novel multi-analyte immunoassays and cell-based diagnostic assays to measure individualized risk and reduce the burden of stroke and vascular dementia.

Modern imaging techniques give only a snapshot of the full spectrum of cerebral blood flow. Hidden below is the brain’s extensive network of miles of smaller blood vessels that provide critical roles in keeping the brain healthy and functioning. Impossible to visualize, new approaches to measure damage to these tiny blood vessels are urgently needed.

Join us as we revolutionize the diagnosis and management of chronic cerebrovascular disease with next generation diagnostic testing.




Worldwide, 50 million individuals suffer from some form of dementia. Estimates suggests that nearly 20% or 10 million people have cognitive impairment and dementia resulting from chronic vascular injury to the brain. Emerging evidence suggests that chronic vascular injury to the brain resulting from high blood pressure and diabetes may also accelerate all forms of cognitive impairment and dementia. Millions more are at risk for brain injury resulting from these highly prevalent chronic conditions.

With new diagnostic approaches, identifying who is at increased risk is possible. That information can be used to tailor individualized therapies, track the progress of these interventions and perhaps be used to design new therapeutics.

Our initial product development is focused on a blood-based diagnostic assay to distinguish vascular dementia from other forms of cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease. We are currently preparing a clinical validation study called Advanced Risk Evaluation for Silent Stroke and Brain Injury (ADDRESS-BI) to validate the accuracy of our initial assay in the diagnosis of vascular dementia.

Our Tech Synopsis

Evaluating Brain Function

By developing an approach to measure how chronic vascular risk factors like high blood pressure and high blood sugar damage brain blood vessels, we can identify a unique molecular signature produced by these damaged vessels.

Using individually adjusted combinations of circulating proteins that act on and are produced by chronically damaged blood vessels, Sage Cerebrovascular Diagnostics has generated a novel platform for diagnostic assays to measure brain vascular injury signals that is centered around inflammatory signaling involving the inflammatory cytokine IL-18. We have used this insight to develop a novel blood test that can distinguish vascular dementia from other types of cognitive impairment.

Additional intellectual property assets of the company include diagnostic approaches to measure cerebral blood flow on a chip, adding real-time physiology to our developing portfolio of active diagnostics.

Our Vision

At Sage Cerebrovascular Diagnostics, we aim to improve the ability of providers and
patients to understand, measure, value, and ultimately prevent hidden damage to the brain’s extensive network of small blood vessels. Next generation active diagnostics are the first critical step towards understanding the risk and developing ways to protect the brain before it’s too late.


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